Saturday, August 8, 2009

Davao Reader's Circle Chapter 0808

I've mentioned our group one or two times in this blog so I thought I would just like to share :)
DRC Members

A small gathering of book enthusiasts form the Davao Reader's Circle. More than a year's worth of books, coffee, conversation, fun times and we're still at it. The main goal of DRC is to expand each members author list and genre, and challenge us to read books that we normally would simply pass off. I myself have broadened my reads a bit: I've read my first sci-fi novel, one that I really liked! I read Dom's The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester! I also borrowed a lot from other members and have shared plenty of my books, too!

What I like best is that we all get to talk about our current reads, our recommended reads, books we've recently purchased, the best deals from book shops, new titles, authors, and more. Most of all, it's simply fun to to be with other people who share the same interest as you do! And for me, nothing beats hanging out on a Saturday night with the DRC members :)

Fun books!

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