Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Pressed Powder Adventures!

"Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong."
- Peter Mcintyre

So today I went to a department store and stealthily went to the skincare/cosmetics isle. I was going to buy a face powder because I want to upgrade from using Johnson&Johnson's Baby Powder (I've heard that talc is very bad for you) to use on my ever-shiny face.

I've been in the skincare area plenty of times, I regularly buy Dove classic beauty bar (loyal user here!), my favorite strawberry shampoo, and to buy my mom a perfume she liked. But this time I have to face up to the cosmetics counter and look for a good pressed powder for my skin type/color.

I know the attitude of the saleswomen there, they're kind of intimidating. Sometimes I think they judge you by the look on your face and the clothes you're wearing if you can afford to pay for the cosmetic products. I can't even touch the testers, because the saleswoman had her sharp eyes on me and deemed my simple white shirt, dark jeans, dirty sneakers and my kindergarten slingbag not classy enough for her products!

So quietly I browse through the pressed powder products and I had a tough time determining if the colors would fit my tone, if it's cakey, or whatever. I was determined to find the right one without having to go to the tester counter.

I was aiming for the Neutrogena pressed powder because it was clean-looking and is curiously rectangular. But I saw the Maybelline line and my attention was caught by their pretty light sea green color. In the end I chose that in Honey, it was pretty cheap too (P299 / $6).

I left the cosmetics counter and headed off to a nearby bookstore, all the while thinking of scary saleswomen and asking myself if there's no more justice left in the world if I should have to dress up prettily just to buy one single thing from the cosmetics counter. Maybe this is just the first time, and my first-time paranoia doesn't really help. I hope I will fare better next time.

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