Friday, July 31, 2009

Tagged by JBreezy! Five Things that Make Me Happy

My first tag ever from Joanna <3

Five Things that Make Me Happy

1. Books

The acquisition, and the reading of books makes me infinitely happy on so many levels. I feel so giddy at the mere thought of scouring book stores and book sales. I feel a jolt of devious pleasure when I buy books for so much less than their value, as it feels like I've just unearthed a diamond in the rough that's overlooked by everyone. I am at my happiest when I'm reading. I am always very eager to read about adventures, complex stories on seemingly mundane things, romances in classic novels, other culture, sub cultures, and so much more.

2. Being with Family / Friends

Even if the whole world turns on me, I feel like I can always find support in my family and those I consider my true friends.
My family may not be the most perfect, but really, who has a perfect family nowadays? But they are always there to back me up and protect me, and those I consider my true friends accept me for who I am, and all that I will be. The protection and acceptance are something very crucial that I can't do without in life, especially when it's from people that matter to me. Spending time with them is always a welcome treat!

3. Doing new stuff that challenge me
I love learning new stuff, even from the most 'simple', like learning how to sew a purse, playing the piano (which I'm learning now! hehe), and to the most daring like going ziplining and flying from one cliff to another with just cable wires (which I have already done! I want to try it again!), or going to the beach and diving from a platform or just anything that gets my heart pumping is what I love most. Just because I love reading and lounging around doesn't mean I'm a boring person. I'm trying to come out of my shell and do my best in learning about skin care and cosmetics, too. It looks real easy, but woaaaaah! Man, is it super hard! There's a lot I have to learn!

4. Traveling! Traveling! Traveling!
If there's one thing sure about the future, it is travel. I will not NOT TRAVEL! I love learning about languages and culture, and I feel that there are a lot of things I have yet to discover. I'm going to use my career and my degree to the fullest, and in the future will have work where I write AND travel at the same time. A wonderful friend of mine has suggested that we save up for a special trip together, we're planning to backpack across Southeast Asia, which in my opinion, is the most electrifying plan she's ever come up with. I can't stress enough how I WANT IT BAD. I need to get out, see the world! What better way to start than a full Asian continent of culture and languages!

5. Chocolates
I'm a chocoholic. Anything chocolate, I eat and drink! I once almost licked a chocolate lipbalm, ewww! I always immediately love people who bring me chocolates. My sister once brought me a gourmet box of Queen Alice chocolates from Ginza. I love Hersheys, Mars, Snickers, Meiji, Lotte, Van Houten, Cadburry, and so on and so forth! There's nothing I wouldn't do for chocolates (well, except eat cocroaches!) and my most sweetest dream is getting to sample all the chocolates in the freaking world!!

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  1. yaaaay!!! u did it! haha... we have almost 3 in common (traveling, bf, and chocolates!) nice one aicha!