Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fairy Godwommin of Books

Angeli Chi is one of the members of the Davao Reader's Circle, and in a span of a year of book club meet-ups she has become one of my Most Adored People Evarr. Not only does she have the capacity to read any genre of book that catches her fancy (unlike yours truly that sticks to Contemporary Fiction --with a little bitty sprinkling of Sci-Fi and Fantasy), but she has an open mind and an inquisitive nature that never fails to hook you in.

Aside from her volunteer stints at the Davao Museum, she also has a ton of things she does everyday as she freelances and travels around Mindanao on top of everything else. Now, she has a new task that she set up for herself, which I have dubbed as a "Fairy Godwommin of Books" (Been reading "Once Upon An Enlightened Time by James Finn Gardner" because Chi left it on the couch!) An excerpt from her own Facebook account:

On July 1, I announced that I'd be fairygodmother to booklovers and find books you want most but can't seem to find in bookstores and booksales. The deal is I'm gonna work my book radar, find you your top 3 most wanted books and when I find all three, I'll give you an extra book of my choice as a gift. You don't need to pay me a bookhunting fee. I'm doing it for the pleasure of finding books and learning about what you are interested in reading. You just pay me the cost of the books you asked me to find. I will try to find you the best copies there are of your books available in the booksales with the best price (the most affordable). This is the gallery of granted book wishes. :)
- Taken From Your Most Wanted Books - Gallery
If you click on the link you will find several books that she has successfully unearthed for her friends: a beautiful copy of Lolita, some Ernest Hemingway, Clan of the Cave Bears and the like!

During our last DRC meetup, Chi encouraged several members to put their 3 most wishlisted books. I scrambled to find a pen and sort out my jumbled wishlist to see if I can think of 3 books I wanted to have ASAP. My list comprised of The Twelfth Wife by Indu Sundarensan, The Pillowbook by Sei Shonagon, and another title which I forgot! Drats you, bad memory!

I am trying to win her attention with this post, buttering her up so she will do my request first, before anybody else!

Thanks, Chi!



In other news, Topaz Horizon has just posted an incredible giveaway of Moleskine notebooks sponsored by ! It's kind of surreal how I just subscribed to France's blog this morning to expose myself to the more finer things in life... and voila! My goodness! Tonight I'm hanging to a lucky chance to win a Moleskine Large Cahier Ruled Black Set of 3.---which I've coveted this past year but never got the money to buy.

And such a beautiful, beautiful question, too: What Is Your Favorite Book And Why?
....Where do I start? :D

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  1. oh. you know chi? chi is power. chi is life force. she is everywhere. haha. seriously. she's a good friend.

    too bad the contest is closed.