Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coffee and Books

If there's one thing that goes together so perfectly like peanut butter and jelly, you and me, meat loaf and mashed potatoes, it's coffee and books. Just the thought of me reading a favorite book on a soft lounge chair, sipping from a warm white mug with my favorite mix of espresso, milk, choco syrup, whipped cream and cinnamon powder gets me so pleasantly elated like you wouldn't believe! That's my kind of rest and relaxation, my "ahhh, this is the life" moment, but I'm sure I'm not alone.

Davao Readers Circle, the book lover's club I'm part of, love their cup of coffee as much as I do! We all go around the city to visit coffee shops, hang out and discuss our latest reads and share books to members. Our meet ups haven't been as regular recently, but we hope to remedy that soon! We all feel that there are so many things to catch up to. I miss those guys and I'm looking forward to meeting them again. So whenever I think of coffeeshops and books, the DRC is always the first thing in my mind.

I also saw Bookworm Readers' cute promotion of Suzanne Selfors' new novel, Coffehouse Angel. The title is just waiting to be read... Imagine reading about Coffee, Friendship and Love all in one book over a warm cup of coffee! If that's your kind of thing, head off to Bookworm Readers: Second Edition now to read all about it.


  1. Hi..thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I must say that anyone who drinks coffee while reading is someone worth following, so I've signed up to follow you. Love my coffee..strong, black, slightly sweet..

  2. Thank you, Tina. I followed you because your reading list is simply awesome. I couldn't be happier stumbling on your blog!

    (Can't wait til you review The Saint and The Fasting Girl by Anna Richenda!)

  3. Thanks for following my shop. You might want to checkout my blog too. Anyway, I love the fact that you love coffee and books. You inspired me to continue my 1 month a book project. LOL.