Thursday, March 5, 2009 10th Anniversary has been one of the very few online stores to cater to Pinoy bookworms and readers. It's been 10 years now and they want to party like it's 2009! For their 10th birthday bash, they're giving away a signed copy of Interworld by Neil Gaiman yours for the taking as long as you enter your favorite Neil Gaiman quotes from any of his published fiction, non-fiction, or comic books in their blog comments section.

This is divine. I've owned and loved Neil Gaiman's American Gods, Coraline, Stardust, Sandman: Book of Dreams and the elusive (and expensive!) Sandman: The Dream Hunters. So of course I'll enter this contest!
My most memorable quote will be from Sandman: The Dream Hunters where the Buddhist Monk journeys into the realm of dreams, gets lost, and finally encounters a man fishing on a pond.

I seek the King of All Night’s Dreaming,” called the Monk. “Am I going the right way?”
How can you not go to him?” asked the first of the men, “when all the ways are his?
-From Sandman: The Dream Hunters

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