Thursday, February 5, 2009

Saving with Barnes & Noble Coupon Codes

As every compulsive book buyer may know, only the money in your pocket is the limit!

I myself absolutely adore books, but with the income of a struggling writer I can only buy so much but I always end up wanting more than I could afford. I head off to the nearest book sale for a generous helping of pre-owned books, but I find some of the coveted titles are not there. It's really hard to get a specific title or author, and you're not even sure if it's there or if you're going to find it. The popular authors I love are still hot on the shelves of big bookstore chains, especially the "Mecca" of bookworms in the world, Barnes & Noble. No matter how you love books, you are always hindered by its price tags. Since prices are high especially if the book is on this week's Bestseller List! Contemporary authors are popular and their books are pricey because of the fan base and followers, but it doesn't mean you have to wait until the next sale, knowing you're the only one you know who hasn't read it yet!

I've been to that kind of situation, it's painful I know. And as a voracious reader, I would love to get my hands on some of the books in B&N (actually, there's a lot I really want!). I'm sure booklovers everywhere can empathize with me. Inside the store are so much books there, but we have so little money, right?

But ah, the wonders of Coupon Saver Discount Coupons, are here to save the day, with Barnes & Noble deals.
How would a Buy Two Books, Get the Third for Free sound? It's a heavenly deal, I'm sure. Or a 80% Off for Bargain Books? It would feel like salvation.

These coupons are my lifeline to one of the best books I've always wanted to have. The few on my list of Books-To-Buy are "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer, "The History of Love" by Nicole Krauss and the recently released "The Women" by T.C. Boyle. Several more I have to put on hold, though, my wishlist is just overwhelming me. I'm hoping to get some wishlisted titles using the discount coupons above. It would simply relieve me of having to feel guilty about spending it on books, my budget is tight enough as it is...

It's exactly what I need, these Discount Coupons from Barnes & Noble to suit the frugal bookworm me.

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