Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year, New Skincare

Before the first month of 2016 ends, I'd just like to share my new skincare things that I'm currently using.

3w Clinic Flower Effect Extra set! Such a pretty set, all pink and frosted glass 💕 

I bought this from a local store for PHP 500.00 (crazy right?! - down from PHP 1,900) during their holiday sale. Last December I finished my moisturizer and was on the lookout for something new. 

The set included two huge bottles of toner and emulsion, a big pot of cream. 

Included also in the box are these two smaller bottles of both the toner and emulsion, the size of which is perfect for travel.

The two frosted bottles are huge, heavy and so cute! Currently, I use this during the nighttime after a refreshing bath. Very moisturizing but not heavy. Leaves a light film in the morning.

Another skincare I just recently bought is the Charmzone Albatross Quick Sun SPF50 PA +++ (100 ml) which retailed for PHP 850 - but got at 50% off!!!! I love it. Its a new sunscreen for me, the brand and application style.

Its an aerosol type sunscreen which I've always wanted to try but feared that it's just not as effective as lotion- or cream-types. And 2x as expensive as my regular tube of sunscreen, too! 

Surprised to find it very light to hold though this is an aluminium can. I tried it out earlier and I am impressed at the no-mess application and zero-grease formulation. Perfect for the recent hot, humid days where you just can't deal with feeling sticky on top of being sweaty.

So that's it for January 2016! I'll try to provide a more in-depth review of how I like the two skincare products⭐️